Monday, June 11, 2018

Introduction By Rachel Holbert Jones

First published on January 21, 2013

Update: I did not keep it updated like I said I was and forgot about it. I'm updating some posts on my blog Haunted Abandoned Carolinas and working on my new site The Kuva Blog which has photos as well. That's pretty much what my blogs are about except for my life blog FlameBrio which is strictly articles. I also have other blogs at DulGraMiHistoria~LegendHunter5Ve which is my old haunted blog, Spectral Divinity and Merefotos. I got rid of my personal blog at blogger. And I no longer have my occult website or blog.

Hello and welcome to my new blog. As always when I create a new blog I give an introduction and welcome message to the new blog.

I tried once before to have a blog about nothing but cars but it didn't work out because I didn't update it enough so eventually I moved the posts to my Cypress Willow blog where of course it wasn't going to get any attention because most of the posts there are just that, posts with writing and no pictures although I'm in the process of changing that. I simply didn't keep up with it.

Now I've started adding car pictures to my blog RHJ Photography and again it hit me, because I'm putting up a variety of photos, many of them not cars it still won't get any kind of following. Most people that stumble onto car photos want to see nothing but cars. They don't want to see a picture of an ocean in the next post and picture of a doll in the next one after that. I also realized I'm putting a number of car photos and other old vehicle photos on that one blog. By the same token someone who wants to see nature photos or old doll photos(antiques,etc.) isn't going to want to see cars. Not everyone has a passion for them the way I do.

So, once again, I'm giving it another try and hopefully this time I will be able to keep it updated more regularly.

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